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Here at Digital Dawn, we use fresh data to find innovative ways that guarantee results.

We don’t just help you gain new customers; we create an engaging strategy that builds a loyal customer base for a lifetime.

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Digital Dawn is your go-to marketing partner and growth strategy expert. We use our years of online experience and marketing expertise to deliver the results out clients desire and deserve.

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Health and Wellness

Online Educators

Beauty Brands

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Food and Drink Brands

And Many More!

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Email Marketing


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Our MISSION is to make your VISION a life-long, money-making reality

Our clients consistently sell more products because of the personalized attention, creative strategies and multi-faceted expertise of our passionate team. Not only are our clients making more money, they’re making a difference in the world. This is proof that Digital Dawn’s D2D Method is a thriving element of the eComm industry.

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Unless you have a genie in a bottle, it’s next to impossible to realize your full potential on your own in this ever-changing digital world. We don’t just swoop in to save the day with a few revenue spurts and call it good. We provide a long-term personalized growth plan and a team of experienced experts to take your brand to the next level over and over again.

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Ready to Scale your eCommerce business?

Here at Digital Dawn, we use data to find innovative ways to acquire, engage, and retain loyal customers for lifestyle brands.

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Data-Driven Decisions
Proven Results


One of our clients has generated $165 revenue from only $15k ad spend.


Using our 6 step D2D Methodology we were able to achieve up to 11x ROAS.


163% increase in total monthly revenue in the first month of working with us.

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How We Do It

1. Audit

Let’s start at the beginning, examining what’s working and what’s not. It’s time to get real. We will pull back the curtain and find the blind spots.

2. Awareness

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” We will attract the right high-quality customers to your product by serving them the best type of content online through the Digital Dawn framework for Facebook and Instagram ads. 

3. Conversion

Now you found them, time to convert them. A high-converting store demands a streamlined website checkout process – A Digital Dawn specialty.

4. Fulfillment

When the customer takes the plunge, you must deliver on your promise. The most amazing products in the world mean nothing without smooth fulfillment.

5. Retention

Don’t let “It’s me, not you” happen to you! Digital Dawn will turn your acquired customers into raving fans.

6. Measurement

At Digital Dawn, we believe all good decisions come from strong data-driven decisions. Data doesn’t lie and it takes the emotion out of decision making.

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