Available Positions at Digital Dawn™ Agency

Media Buyer

If you have a passion for digital marketing and consider yourself a bold, data-driven individual, look no further!

We primarily work with eComm clients and are hiring for a full-time employee role to begin immediately. This role manages all Facebook™ Ad services including audience development, ad creation, optimization, and scaling. It also includes other components of the lead generation system such as funnels and messenger bots.

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Why we love working at Digital Dawn™

“Dawn is an exceptional leader with a wealth of knowledge. She has built an excellent team at Digital Dawn™. She leads us by example to achieve goals set before us.”

It is such an honor to work with Dawn. She is a compassionate leader with a competitive drive and unselfish intent. She never ceases to impress or inspire me with her entrepreneurial intuition and digital marketing expertise.

Great leadership, Great team, Great culture, Great ambitions.” 

“It has been a dream to work for a CEO like Dawn. Her patient leadership style and genuine desire to do good in the world is refreshing. Within this agency you will find a team environment that is inspiring and invigorating, truly making each moment of “work” feel fun!”