02. 5 Legal Tips for eComm Biz Owners

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dawn interviews friend and lawyer Sean Delaney where they talk about 5 tips all eComm business owners should know.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:20] Sean Delaney’s background 
  • [03:15] Common legal challenges entrepreneurs face
  • [06:20] When you should reach out to a tax professional vs a lawyer for sales tax questions 
  • [09:30] Laws about shipping restrictions 
  • [11:20] Finding resources about shipping restrictions 
  • [14:55] Tips to finding a lawyer who specializes in interstate commerce 
  • [16:30] How to ensure you are following the children’s online privacy protection act on your eComm website 
  • [19:30] The importance of having a privacy policy on your website 
  • [20:50] Having the right insurance for your business 
  • [23:00] When is the right time to get business insurance 
  • [27:55] Protecting your intellectual property 
  • [35:45] When you should file for a trademark and how to file for one
  • [41:35] Episode recap

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03. Why hiring a non eComm expert can make you bankrupt

03. Why hiring a non eComm expert can make you bankrupt

In this episode, Dawn talks about why you should be wary of hiring anyone who doesn’t have an eCommerce background. After seeing so many of her clients come to her almost bankrupt, you’re going to want to listen to how you can avoid these mistakes.