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03. Why hiring a non e-Comm expert can make you bankrupt

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dawn talks about why you should be wary of hiring anyone who doesn’t have an eCommerce background. After seeing so many of her clients come to her almost bankrupt, you’re going to want to listen to how you can avoid these mistakes

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [02:18] Over the last year, more people are getting into the eComm retailers space than ever before
  • [03:39] There is a fundamental difference between being an expert in “digital marketing” and being an expert in digital marketing for eCommerce 
  • [04:40] The difference between an info product and selling eCommerce
  • [07:44] When you hire someone to help you with marketing and strategy, make sure they have an understanding of eCommerce  
  • [10:02] Things you should understand as an eComm business owner 
  • [13:35] One of the biggest gaps I see with business owners 
  • [14:35] Tips to finding a digital marketing expert to fit your business

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