5. How To Get People Talking About Your Brand – It Might Not Be What You Think

Episode Summary

Sometimes we focus so much on the tangible paid traffic sources of how you get people talking about your brand. In this episode Dawn talks about the not so obvious ways you can build awareness through your brand. 

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [02:55] What is the know, like, and trust factor
  • [04:55] One way to get people to talk about your business is through trust 
  • 06:00] How do you build trust with your customers
  • [08:45] Why showcasing  a company mission is important 
  • [12:40] Building relationships through email marketing 
  • [16:15] Saying thank you to your customers helps build trust

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03. Why hiring a non eComm expert can make you bankrupt

03. Why hiring a non eComm expert can make you bankrupt

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