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8. Tips and Tricks on How to add an eComm Product to your Info Product Business with Michelle Diaz

Episode Summary

In this episode, Michelle Diaz, a successful Info Product business owner, talks about how adding an eCommerce product helps grow and expand her business. Plus some of the tips and tricks she learned along the way to make your eComm launch even easier. You won’t want to miss this one. 

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:00] Who is Michelle Diaz and all about her business 
  • [02:18] What kind of info products did Michelle first start with
  • [06:00] How Michelle transitioned from infoproducts to eComm products 
  • [10:00] Michelle’s journey to launching her protein powder for pregnant women  
  • [13:50] What was the most surprising thing about launching a eComm product 
  • [15:45] Where you can find resources when launching an eComm product 
  • [19:00] The biggest tip when launching a product 
  • [23:25] What has been the best part of Michelle’s eCommerce journey
  • [26:30] Tips and tricks for new eCommerce business owners 
  • [34:30] Tips to transitioning from digital to eCommerce 
  • [38:05] How to use pinterest to grow your business 

Resources talked about in this episode


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