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102. Decoding Digital Analytics: Expert Strategies Revealed

Episode Summary

Dawn explores the world of digital analytics with expert MaryBeth Maskovas. With nearly a decade of experience, MaryBeth shares insights on debunking data analytics myths and emphasizes the importance of holistic analysis beyond platform-specific metrics. Together, they discuss the concept of incrementality and offer practical tips for businesses to navigate data analytics effectively. From leveraging tools like Google Analytics and Optimizer to conducting market intelligence research, this episode provides valuable insights for entrepreneurs aiming to harness the power of data-driven decision-making in their businesses.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • 00:56 – Using Data to Drive Business Growth
  • 10:02 – Pairing Metrics in Business Is Important
  • 15:32 – Understanding Incrementality in Marketing
  • 20:53 – Business Data Analysis Tools and Strategies
  • 26:27 – Market Research and Data Analytics Importance

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