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103. Embracing Free Will and Elevating Personal Frequency

Episode Summary

Join us on a transformative journey into elevating personal frequency with Serra Coate, soul embodiment coach and author of “Enlightened Beings: The Awakening,” as we explore the profound concepts of soul embodiment and enlightenment. Serra shares her personal path from a deep connection with nature to mastering energy work, Reiki, and shamanism. Listen in as she illuminates the idea of enlightenment and elevating personal frequency as a means to increase our vibrational frequency and align with our soul’s innate love, enhancing both personal growth and the evolution of our planet.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • 00:03 – Exploring Soul Embodiment and Enlightenment
  • 07:39 – Finding Your Inner Voice and Shifting Mindset
  • 13:09 – How to Get Over Negative Self Talk
  • 21:06 – Understanding the Energy World and Human Life
  • 24:02 – Exploring Energy Medicine and Shamanism
  • 28:37 – The Relationship of Money and Personal Growth

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