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108. The TOP 10 eCommerce Trends in the Last Decade

Episode Summary

Unlock the secrets of a decade’s worth of eCommerce evolution and propel your business forward! Join me, Dawn Sinkule, on the Ecomm Profit Podcast as we dissect the game-changing trends that have redefined online business. We’ll unravel how the shift from desktop to mobile commerce has fundamentally altered consumer behavior and why mobile optimization is now a make-or-break factor. Discover how social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok have transformed into powerful marketing engines, seamlessly integrating shopping experiences that drive sales.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • (00:50) – eComm Business Trends Over 10 Years
  • (05:12) – Advances in Personalized Marketing
  • (08:23) – The Rise of Influencer Marketing
  • (12:34) – The increase in AI Chatbots
  • (19:42) – Evolution of eCommerce Over Time

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