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109.  Celebrating 10 Years at Digital Dawn

Episode Summary

For our special 10-year anniversary episode of the Digital Dawn agency, we sit down with the inspirational Dawn Sinkule. Dawn takes us on an engaging journey from her days as a senior executive at Target Corporation to the unexpected and fulfilling path of becoming an agency owner. She shares the pivotal moments, like landing her first client through a Facebook group, that gave rise to Digital Dawn. With candor and warmth, Dawn reflects on the triumphs and challenges that shaped her entrepreneurial voyage, expressing immense pride in reaching this significant milestone. Listen in as she shares some of her best secrets on how to become an entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneuer already, still listen in and listen to Dawn’s perspective on how to continue to thrive as an agency.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • (03:13) – Decade of Agency Ownership Success

  • (11:07) – Long-Term Client Relationships and how to Thrive as an Agency

  • (16:06) – Challenges and Evolution of Marketing

  • (23:27) – Life, Work, and Advice With Dawn

  • (31:22) – Celebrating 10 Years of Digital Marketing

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