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13. Lions, Tigers, and Conversion Rates… OHH MYY

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dawn talks about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) , what it is, how can you as a business owner learn more about it and what are some ways you can start converting your website traffic today.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [02:35] What is conversion rate optimization 
  • [05:30] Why it doesn’t always matter how much traffic you get 
  • [07:00] What is the average conversion rate 
  • [09:35] Setting up google analytics 
  • [10:15] Why you want to set up google analytics
  • [11:30] What is Hot Jar and why you need it 
  • [14:15] Tips to improving your website
  • [21:15] Why making too many changes to your website, at once is not a good strategy 
  • [21:55] Why you should have a changelog
  • [23:45] Understanding your buyer’s journey 
  • [26:15] Why page speed is important for conversion rate optimization 
  • [29:05] What is a call to action and why you need a good one

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