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15. Retention and Customer Service – A Match Made In Heaven

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dawn digs deeper into why customer service and open communication should be a key component of your retention strategy. You’re going to want to listen to Dawn’s easy but impactful tactics for securing customer loyalty.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [03:30] Open communication is key for customer retention 
  • [05:00] Answering social media comments is essential for customer retention 
  • [08:15] “Let your customers see you as a human, not just a brand”
  • [09:00] Why having a phone number and a company email on your website is important 
  • [10:45] Avoiding industry jargon is important when talking to your customers
  • [13:55] Creating an amazing customer service experience 
  • [16:45] Being prompt when responding to your customer service requests is critical for customer retention

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