16. Learn Business Strategy From One Of The Best In eComm with Kale Inoue

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dawn talks Business Strategy with one of the best in the eComm industry, Kale Inoue. Kale is a serial entrepreneur, owner and founder of Make Cool Stuff and he himself is as cool as they come. If you ever wanted a real, solid eComm business strategy, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:30] Who is Kale Inoue
  • [03:00] How Kale Inoue helps business owners 
  • [04:45] The biggest thing you shouldn’t be doing 
  • [09:34] Giving up control 
  • [10:30] Hiring experts vs jack of all trades 
  • [14:00] Hiring an employee vs independent contractor 
  • [17:30] When you should outsource fulfillment  
  • [22:00] Should people create their own fulfillment center 
  • [25:45] Does the number of items you have dictate when you should outsource fulfillment 
  • [28:00] #1 tip for eComm business owners

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17. 3 Simple Things Every Business Owner Should Be Measuring

17. 3 Simple Things Every Business Owner Should Be Measuring

Seems like common sense when you say it on a Podcast. In this episode, Dawn talks about 3 measurements every business owner should be tracking on a monthly basis. They might seem like no-brainers, but so many eComm business owners aren’t even looking.