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34. How Visuals and Copy Go Together to Create Visual Velocity and Increase Conversions

Episode Summary

Dawn and Monica discuss the top secrets and the no-brainers to Visual Velocity and how product based businesses can benefit from it. Monica Snyder is a corporate software developer turned marketer and business owner. She unveils the top techniques to visual velocity and how to incorporate it into any business. From button colors, to software developer level data, Dawn and Monica explain how visual velocity has worked for their client’s as well as their own businesses.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:16] “Visual Velocity” and what it means

  • [4:14] How to create visual velocity

  • [5:49] Example of visual velocity and how it works

  • [7:48} Tips for product based businesses that are looking for unique ways to achieve visual velocity

  • [10:35] Conversion techniques

  • [13:45] The importance of clear instructions

  • [15:50] Statistics that prove the process works

  • [19:00] How to find images that your audience will associate with your product

  • [21:15] Pay attention to the patterns of your results! (DATA, DATA, DATA!)

  • [25:10] FAQ: What color should my button be? 

  • [27:50] Testing tip from Monica

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