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35. How to Blend Motherhood with Owning a Business

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dawn breaks down the tasks of blending motherhood with owning a business and raising a family with Yael Bendahan. They discuss how to decide what courses and training to take and when, and how to balance your roles as a mom and a business owner. Yael shares her hindsight advice and what she found to be the most valuable in her business journey.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [6:33] Yael’s journey with blending motherhood with owning a business.

  • [11:15] How to decide which training and courses to take and when.

  • [15:45] Bringing a business back to life at the beginning of a global pandemic.

  • [17:05] How to decide what your business strengths are while managing your family.

  • [20:03] Advice for beginner marketers and small business owners.

  • [24:09] Business relationships are wildly important!

  • [29:05] How to balance your work schedule with your family schedule.

  • [36:12] The importance of breaking down a task into manageable pieces; as a mom & business owner.

  • [37:55] “I’m doing the best that I can with the tools that I have.” – Yael Bendahan

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