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36. The crisis of distribution and how to navigate in eComm

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn addresses the distribution and supply chain crisis that the eComm world is facing today. She explores alternative options for eComm business owners when trying to navigate in eComm by themselves. Dawn discusses ways to anticipate what’s potentially going to be the impact to our business, how to overcome some of these challenges, and preparing for what could be a business stoppage for us as it relates to our products. Make sure to listen in so you can learn how to navigate in eComm in todays world!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:25] Mass upset in Facebook & Instagram privacy changes.
  • [6:04] Massive supply chain issue for Big Box Retailers vs. small business owners.
  • [7:49] Positive results on small business ad spends but unable to scale
  • [10:13] Don’t panic! Don’t give up! Get creative!
  • [13:09] How to overcome the supply chain issue and labor shortages
  • [17:35] Back up plan to your back up plan.
  • [19:52] Transition to renewable resources and other creative alternatives
  • [22:09] Look for alternatives when you aren’t yet facing the issue – it’s worth being prepared for!

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