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37. All about Shopify, Tech, and Ecommerce with Tech Expert and Shopify Guru Jonathan St-Jean

St-JeanEpisode Summary

In this episode, Dawn meets with web expert and Shopify guru Jonathan St-Jean. Dawn and guru Jonathan St-Jean dive into how Shopify features differ from other ecommerce platforms. This episode explores the key components to an ecommerce business and why websites and apps aren’t as important as the product is. They also discuss tips and tricks to making sure your product is successful on Shopify.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [5:01] Why is Shopify a preferred platform for Ecomm?
  • [11:45] What is the difference from a technical standpoint?
  • [14:55] Plugins & Shopify explained.
  • [18:38] The importance of the businesses foundation, marketing and product quality.
  • [20:02] Reviews are necessary for ecommerce success.
  • [21:03] The gaps in the ecomm world and how to fill them.
  • [27:53] Why you don’t need a web developer to sell a product on Shopify?
  • [28:20] Your Shopify store is not your business.
  • [30:00] Headless commerce explained.
  • [35:38} Behavioral targeting with Shopify
  • [38:38] The importance of loyalty incentives.
  • [42:00] Don’t discount if you don’t need to
  • [43:55] Free shipping is key

Resources talked about in this episode

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