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40. Getting Started in the eComm T-Shirt Business with Kerry Egeler

Episode Summary

Kerry Egeler joins us this week to talk about the ups and downs of eComm apparel shops. Dawn and Kerry share about their experiences leaving corporate and retail management. Kerry explains how his skills transitioned and how his ego interfered with understanding how to navigate the entrepreneurial world. They both describe what it was like humbling their pride to learn how they could make the most meaningful impact in the eComm space.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:25] Kerry’s journey to eCommerce
  • [5:50] How retail management can prepare you for owning your own business
  • [10:50] “Take imperfect action.”
  • [13:45] Navigating the success waves
  • [20:25] Humbling yourself to ask for help
  • [27:40] Shirt School broken down
  • [31:10] The concept of print-on-demand
  • [34:35] Niching down into something you’re passionate about

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105. Email Magic: Strategies That Transform Subscribers to Buyers

105. Email Magic: Strategies That Transform Subscribers to Buyers

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