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41. The 7 P’s of Marketing

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn breaks down the 7 P’s of marketing. These fundamental principles of marketing are crucial to a business’ long term success. Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Physical Evidence, and People. Dawn explains the purpose and long term benefit of each principle to help other eComm business owners take a step back and reflect on their own businesses and products.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:49] Why people aren’t talking about the 7 P’s of marketing
  • [6:51] What to do when you’re having difficulty selling your product
  • [10:43] Taking a look at your cost of goods & comparing your options for your product
  • [12:08] Promotions are used to serve your customers in the right way
  • [15:50] Get in the habit of reviewing and reflecting your promotions
  • [18:42] Knowing your place and understanding your people is critical to your marketing plan
  • [20:41] Building trust through branding, professionalism and the look & feel of your product and your website
  • [25:39] The competitive advantage of having a genuine team behind you
  • [27:00] The impact of having quality standard operating processes for your business

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