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42. Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Episode Summary

In this episode, Dawn explores the land of email marketing with The Queen of Evergreen, Brittany Long. Dawn and Brittany take you through some of the best email marketing practices to help you set up a rock solid email sequence for your business. Brittany spills the tea on why every shop needs an abandoned cart sequence and the shocking statistics on the recovery rate on those abandoned cart sequences. She also gives you her opinion and perspective on purchasing email templates. Don’t miss out on this treasure chest of knowledge!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:50] Brittany’s journey into the entrepreneurial space
  • [7:02] Evergreen email sequences and how they work
  • [10:26] Most important email sequences for business owners
  • [12:41] Abandoned cart sequence and their results
  • [15:27] Statistics on recovery rate from abandoned cart sequence
  • [17:30] Buyers sequence vs. welcome sequence
  • [21:38] Tips on writing email copy for the sequence
  • [25:25] Email templates – love them or hate them?
  • [29:01] Do you need to update your sequences?
  • [32:24] Be aware of your subject lines
  • [34:45] Friday Off Club

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