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47. Creative & Disruptive Marketing Campaigns with Julie Stoian

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn meets with Julie Stoian to discuss creative & disruptive marketing campaign trends. Julie is a digital marketing expert, coach and co-founder of several online brands. She has created Create Your Laptop Life® , Funnel Gorgeous® , and Digital Insiders ®. Dawn and Julie dive into the current marketing trends for digital businesses and what the future looks like for those trends. Julie explains the importance of a businesses online presence and what content should go on what platforms. A key takeaway from this episode – remember that trends are always going to change so stay open minded!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:30] Crafting your audience argument in marketing
  • [5:51] How to differentiate between wants and needs
  • [8:15] How to create your own unique selling proposition
  • [11:10] Put more energy into your argument, then work on your USP
  • [14:02] Facebook ads and what to expect in the near future
  • [15:56] eCommerce business owners have to start thinking like content creators
  • [17:16] What content do you put where?
  • [21:23] Are Facebook ads dead?
  • [25:02] Making sure your marketing campaign is creative & disruptive
  • [27:00] Remind yourself that trends are always going to change
  • [28:17] Advantages to joining a Mastermind Group

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