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50. Brand Feature with TFT Wood

Episode Summary

This week Dawn meets with Tricia and Zach Tift of TFT Wood. They share how they got into woodworking and what it was like for them during the pandemic. Tricia and Zach explain what it’s like being a tag team in their business and what it takes to keep each other going. Dawn, Tricia and Zach also explore what the future holds for TFT Wood and other eCommerce businesses.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:15] How TFT Wood got started

  • [7:05] TFT Wood’s shift during the pandemic

  • [11:27] Advice from Tricia & Zack’s lessons learned

  • [15:15] Pricing tips for marketing and your business

  • [17:54] Testing and adjusting with your products

  • [21:26] Never assume you know who your customers are

  • [23:06] Best ways to stay motivated when you run the show without a team

  • [26:56] What’s on the horizon for TFT Wood

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