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52. Creating a Podcast

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn meets with podcasting expert, Sarah Haefling. She is the founder of Elevate Podcast Co., and the host of her own show Made It Happen. Her podcast agency focuses on helping entrepreneurs & businesses have their voices heard and elevate their brand. Made it Happen was created to highlight the voices of female entrepreneurs and inspire those thinking of starting their own business or creating a podcast. Dawn and Sarah discuss the misconceptions of starting a podcast, the best ways to engage and grow your audience and how to start monetizing your podcast through sponsorships and affiliate links.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:25] Sarah’s pathway to creating a podcast

  • [6:08] Top reasons for starting a podcast for your brand

  • [9:12] Building the connection with your audience

  • [11:37] The common misconceptions about starting a podcast

  • [15:30] Using your audience demographic to influence your episode content

  • [17:28] Your business’ story can be shared through your podcast

  • [19:06] The long term vision of podcasting

  • [21:28] The process of monetizing your podcast

  • [26:03] Sarah’s binge worthy podcast favorites

  • [27:55] Tips for growing your audience

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