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53. Success Through Imperfect Action

Episode Summary

This week Dawn meets with a dear friend and multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, Mae Cee. She is the co-founder of multiple family brands with her amazing children and went from broke single mom to a 7-figure+ Graphic Tee biz owner in under 4-years. Dawn and Mae discuss the ups and downs of owning businesses with your family and the importance of taking imperfect action in your business. Make sure to stay tuned for the Digital Dawn and Mae Cee collaboration that is brewing behind the scenes!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:14] Mae’s background before the business
  • [4:00] Their main brands and what they do
  • [5:10] The power of the connection with a brands audience through swag
  • [6:40] The ups and downs of working with your family 
  • [11:05] Mae Cee’s Graphic Tee Academy 
  • [15:15] Drop shipping and Print on Demand
  • [16:25] The Mae Cee and Digital Dawn e-commerce experimen
  • [19:00] TikTok and viral marketing
  • [22:10] The importance of imperfect action in business
  • [26:30] How to get out of your own way 
  • [30:15] Lighten up and have fun with it!

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