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55. The Conversation That Isn’t Happening in Business

Episode Summary

Dawn sat down with US Coast Guard Veteran, author and award winning motivational speaker, Tracey Brown. Their conversation is not one that you normally hear in the business world, let alone the commerce and e-commerce industry. Dawn and Tracey discuss why the conversation and authentic discussions about personal trauma don’t happen in business and Tracey shares her advice on how to share those experiences in your own business. They also explore techniques for retraining our brains to shift from fear to excitement when new opportunities or experiences come along.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:13] Tracey’s path to her business from childhood to Coast Guard career

  • [6:08] Tracey’s difficulty in writing her first book

  • [10:53] You are your brand

  • [12:17] Why people in the commerce space struggle to have authentic the conversation about personal traumas

  • [16:40] Tracey’s advice on sharing your experiences in life in your business

  • [18:42] Fear and excitement carry the same energy in the body

  • [20:22] Using different language to shift the way we let our brain process experiences

  • [21:33] Process is a natural movement in the body toward something

  • [23:25] What are we willing to do to get where we want to be

  • [24:58] How to work through the trauma of Covid

  • [27:30] Isolation is one of the greatest traumas a human can go through because we are such social beings

  • [28:15] The work Tracey does with people after her book was published

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