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59. The One Stop Shop for eComm Business Insights

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn meets with Polly Sidoruk, the Head of Product at Synder. Synder is a robust accounting platform that automates a significant part of finance management, providing accurate fast bookkeeping and reporting for businesses. She is a knowledgeable bookkeeping automation consultant who has helped more than 4,000 businesses of different sizes around the globe automate their bookkeeping and back-office processes bringing efficiency into the flow, and this way reducing the operational costs faced every day. Dawn and Polly discuss all the ways e-commerce businesses can take advantage of Synder’s features and how Synder can pull your business insights from multiple sales platforms.  

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:32] The thought process and vision behind Synder

  • [7:40] Why Synder is more evolved than other accounting software

  • [13:55] Integration is the beginning of what businesses can do with Synder

  • [17:50] Synder can pull business insights from multiple sales platforms

  • [20:49] How to take advantage of Synder for your business

  • [24:15] Synder’s ability to help you understand where your business is at based on the data

  • [27:55] What’s next for Synder

  • [33:15] Get your link for a free trial with Synder

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