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61. Creating Heart Alignment with Your Natural Clients

Episode Summary

The magic of this episode is UNREAL! This week, Dawn meets with Premium and Luxury Brand Alchemist and the innovative and forward-thinking founder behind Solasta Digital, Carrie Thomas-Omáur. With a unique blend of the knowledge and understanding of Humanistic Psychology, Brand Strategy, and vast insight into brand archetypes, Carrie helps visionaries who wish to find their true impact-driven purpose, and curate brands that represent and position them as a thought leader in their space. Dawn and Carrie explore the common belief that “marketing is psychology” and how important it is to understand yourself so you can better understand your natural clients and creating heart alignment.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:35] Carrie’s zone of genius

  • [8:15] How Carrie uses her degree in Humanistic Psychology to help her clients in business

  • [11:55] The two biggest questions Carrie asks her clients when she’s consulting with them

  • [13:35] Using your archetype to figure out how to make genuine connections to the type of clients that align with you.

  • [15.35] People fear visibility because they are not attached to the outcome

  • [18:00] How you can figure out what your true impact is supposed to be

  • [23:04] Once you understand who you are, you can better understand your natural clients

  • [25:10] One of the biggest mistakes Carrie sees with her clients

  • [28:08] How do you create “heart alignment”

  • [35:18] Marketing is psychology

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