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62. eComm Insider Tips on Facebook Ads

Episode Summary

This week, you’ll want to take some notes as Dawn lays out her eComm insider tips on Facebook Ads eCommerce businesses. She discusses the need-to-know tips before you start Facebook ads in order to set yourself up for success. She also explains why knowing your business’s fulfillment process from start to finish will really help you with your ads in the long run. And make sure you don’t leave without grabbing your free Facebook Ads checklist to help you get started.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:25] The Need-to-Know eComm insider tips before you get started

  • [6:20] The costs you need to know for your business

  • [7:35] You have to make sure you are optimizing your website to its full capacity

  • [11:40] Using a different methodology for testing products

  • [13:45] The importance of understanding your fulfillment process from start to finish

  • [15:15] There is a lot more emphasis on the visual advertising piece for ecommerce products

  • [19:09] Avoid making your ads complicated

  • [21:45] Make sure you have variations when you are in the initial test phase

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