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63. Buying & Selling eComm Businesses

Episode Summary

From a beginning eComm entrepreneur to an experienced eComm business broker, Ben Leonard has encountered some interesting experiences through his journey. This week Dawn meets with Ben to learn about the process of buying and selling eComm businesses. They discuss using the buyer’s perspective when deciding to sell your eComm business and the wide variety of variables that most buyers consider when they are looking to buy an eComm brand.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:55] Ben’s first entrepreneurial experience
  • [3:00] How Ben’s life lead to Beast Gear
  • [6:23] Gaining traction in the beginning
  • [9:10] Ben’s perspective on buying & selling eComm businesses
  • [16:01] Why brand is important
  • [19:45] Doing things through the eyes of the buyers
  • [22:17] The criteria to consider when you want to sell/buy an eComm business
  • [26:27] The wide variety of variables for buying & selling abrand
  • [28:31] Seller’s Discretionary Earnings = Net Income + Ad Backs + Adjustments
  • [30:29] The best way for your numbers to be correct is to have an accountant do it

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