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65. Reviewing the iOS Challenges

Episode Summary

This week Dawn brings back DD media buyers Daniel Munger and Alom Mohammed to review how the iOS challenges and changes in the last year have ACTUALLY affected Facebook and Instagram ads. They each give their perspective on how it impacted tracking the conversion rates and what workarounds they found helped them best. They also discuss what they predict Facebook will do next to address the issues most businesses have faced in the ads world. Check out this episode to see if you are missing some key workarounds in your Facebook ads.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:25] The iOS challenges and benefits with the update

  • [4:30] Facebook and Instagram are still the biggest platforms in the world

  • [5:50] Facebook is a platform that is still performing well

  • [8:50] You can’t still be doing things the way you did pre-iOS update

  • [11:26] Tips for tracking Facebook Ads

  • [13:48] The fluctuation of costs

  • [18:07] Why you need CAPI and what it does

  • [23:24] Using different sets of data to see what is moving the needle forward

  • [25:17] Business owners need to focus on retention, email and lifetime value

  • [29:19] You need to understand how marketing works at all levels

  • [32:12] No need to leave one platform to get on another

  • [37:33] Predictions for Facebook Ads

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