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66. Brand Feature with Dooey’s

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn meets with Jordan Clark, CEO of Dooey’s. They discuss why Dooey’s was created and the foundation of their sustainability mission. Jordan shares her advice on how to stand out as a small brand while also being open to testing different avenues in marketing. She also shares her journey sourcing sustainable products in the fashion industry and what challenges she has faced. From wins to losses, Jordan is extremely transparent in her journey and reveals the most difficult parts of being in the eComm fashion space.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:22] Jordan’s background and journey into the eComm world

  • [6:45] How Dooey’s was born

  • [9:02] The sustainability focus for Dooey’s

  • [12:08] Advice on how to stand out as a small brand

  • [16:05] It’s nice to try other marketing channels

  • [18:30] What Jordan would do differently if she could start over

  • [23:20] Make sure to test the market

  • [25:20] Failures learn early on

  • [27:15] Sourcing sustainable materials

  • [30:00] What Dooey’s are made of

  • [32:40] The biggest challenges in the fashion industry

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