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69. Failing Forward as an Entrepreneur

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sits down with evolving entrepreneur, Jenna Zeng. From Corporate America, to start up cleaning business, to SaaS creator, Jenna has had a wide variety of experiences throughout her entrepreneurial journey. She discusses creating StaffNet out of a personal need for her cleaning business and then realizing she’s not the only one who needs a platform like this. Dawn and Jenna explore the concept of failing forward as an entrepreneur and what challenges Jenna has faced as a smaller SaaS brand. Her story is truly inspiring!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:55] Jenna’s journey to being an entrepreneur

  • [6:55] What was missing for Jenna in her first business

  • [9:31] Entrepreneurs wear all of the hats but can’t remember everything

  • [10:27] Jenna’s next leap in the entrepreneurial space

  • [12:45] Being able to scale your business properly

  • [14:22] Who is using StaffNet

  • [17:50] A lesson learned in failure

  • [22:12] Failing Forward

  • [25:08] Organic marketing worked best at first

  • [27:48] The challenges of being a smaller SaaS brand

  • [32:11] Listen to that little voice in your head

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