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72. Sustainable Packaging Trends

Episode Summary

Sustainable packaging is actually way simpler than you might think and there are various ways to start making the shift to a more sustainable process. This week, Dawn sits down with CEO and Chief Sustainability Geek at EcoEnclose, Saloni Doshi to obsess over all things sustainable. Saloni shares the most common mistakes brands make when they are trying to make the shift to sustainable packaging and where to start making small changes so you don’t break the bank in the process. Dawn and Saloni also discuss standing out as a female CEO and how to prioritize motherhood while running a business.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:58] Saloni’s background on business and strategy and where that meets social and environmental impact

  • [6:00] Sometimes simple is the most impactful

  • [6:50] Common mistakes when brands try to move to sustainable packaging

  • [8:18] Making sure your paper packaging is coming from the right place

  • [10:10] There is not a dramatic increase in pricing when switching to sustainable packaging

  • [10:30] Your packaging tells your brand’s story

  • [11:45] The process to shift to sustainable packaging

  • [13:50] Where to start that shift that won’t break the bank

  • [15:58] How to know if you are using virgin products

  • [18:25] What Saloni’s key to success is for standing out as a sustainability brand

  • [21:25] Advice to the up and coming female CEO’s

  • [27:10] Let motherhood have space in your life

  • [29:25] What makes Saloni’s business stand out from other sustainability brands

  • [31:55] The future of packaging

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