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74. Leveraging the Power of the Internet

Episode Summary

We have a return guest this week! Genius sales coach, Renee Hribar, is back to share sales secrets to use at conferences and events! Dawn and Renee discuss how to use interviewing as a sales channel. Renee explains how to build the bridge for a successful reach out by finding ways to connect through content and engagement and the power of the internet. Check out this week’s episode to learn other tips on how to make the most out of attending business conferences and events and leveraging the power of the internet!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:15] Sales before the internet

  • [4:30] How to use interviewing as a sales channel

  • [8:39] Leveraging the power of the internet

  • [11:25] Brands are pumping out content because it’s their job

  • [13:10] Finding ways to connect through content and engagement

  • [18:40] Build the bridge for successful reachout

  • [20:20] What to do before a conference to make the most of your networking

  • [23:40] Its never bad for business to be connected

  • [24:10] Try to get the attendee’s list if possible

  • [27:10] Group offer, 1:1 offer or helpful offer

  • [28:00] Everyone is either a client, connector, or collaborator

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