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75. Leading Women with ecom sweety

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn sat down with two women who are destined to make a huge impact for female leaders in the eCommerce industry.  Maddie and Mikaela are two of the founders of ecom sweety, an eCommerce event hosted by women, for women, leading women. They share the high vibrational energy that is present during the event and how they created a safe space for women to grow and share their experiences. Check out this week’s episode to see why ecom sweety events are so unique!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:00] Mikaela’s and Maddie’s experience as females leading women in the eCommerce space

  • [7:50] Who is ecom sweety intended for?

  • [11:00] Why ecom sweety events are unique

  • [13:45] Creating the safe space for women in ecom

  • [14:52] High vibrational energy in life

  • [17:53] What to expect at the next ecom sweety event 

  • [21:05] Lessons learned from planning and hosting an event

  • [23:05] The 3-5 year goal for ecom sweety

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