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76. Hashtags Don’t Make Great Social Media

Episode Summary

Social media master, Katie Wight, sat down with Dawn to discuss the most common struggles brands face in social media today. Katie is the founder and CEO of Strong Brand Social, a social media marketing agency that is scaling brands, both big and small. Katie and Dawn discuss 3 ways to grow faster on social media without spending a ton of time on there. Katie emphasizes the importance of understanding that growth happens from where you are right now and that hashtags aren’t everything. Check out this week’s episode to learn what makes your brand stand out from others in the industry other than using hashtags.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:40] The frustrating struggles of social media for brands

  • [6:42] 3 ways to grow faster on social media while spending less time there

  • [8:10] Get focused with your content strategy

  • [10:50] What makes you different from other brands in your industry

  • [15:15] Growth happens from where you are right now

  • [17:25] How do you get the content in the right places at the right time

  • [21:02] Partnerships that work

  • [22:05] Promote button vs. reach engagement campaign?

  • [24:20] The difference between partnerships and influencers

  • [30:20] Effective delegation for social media management

  • [35:05] Hashtags don’t make great social media

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