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77. Best of 2022!

Episode Summary

Thank you so much for staying tuned throughout 2022! We’ve really enjoyed sharing these incredible conversations with you. From eComm experts to industry changing brands, we spent the year exploring all things eComm and digital marketing. Next year, we are coming back with an even better season of phenomenal brands and industry experts that will blow your mind. Thank you again for staying with us in 2022 and we can’t wait for the New Year. Happy Holidays!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [0:46] Episode 36 – The crisis of distribution and how to navigate in eComm
  • [2:18] Episode 38 –  Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?
  • [3:43] Episode 40 – Getting Started in the eComm T-Shirt Business with Kerry Egeler
  • [4:59] Episode 42 – Email Marketing Tips and Tricks
  • [6:53] Episode 43 – Gen X Women Finding Their 2nd Careers
  • [8:57] Episode 44 –  Allowing Yourself to Thrive in your Zone of Genius
  • [10:16] Episode 48 – How to Tell if it’s Burnout or Just Not Meant to Be
  • [11:30] Episode 45 – Brand Feature with Cheekbone Beauty
  • [12:26] Episode 55 –  The Conversation That Isn’t Happening in Business
  • [13:13] Episode 58 – The Future of AI and eCommerce Businesses
  • [15:12] Episode 63 – Buying & Selling eComm Businesses
  • [16:04] Episode 70 –  TripleWhale Tips with Alexa Kilroy

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    105. Email Magic: Strategies That Transform Subscribers to Buyers

    105. Email Magic: Strategies That Transform Subscribers to Buyers

    This episode unpacks everything from the basics to advanced strategies like email flows, segmentation, and personalization, demonstrating how to effectively engage customers and boost sales. Learn about tools like Klaviyo and MailChimp, and discover actionable tips to enhance your campaigns.