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78. 2023 State of the Marketing Union

Episode Summary

We are kicking off the year with some 2023 predictions for the digital marketing union and industry. Taking a step back to see what worked well in 2022 and what will continue to do well in 2023. From mobile shopping to AI content writing, we predict digital marketing will look a little different than 2022. But it will definitely be interesting to see how the marketing union pans out. Here’s to a successful and productive 2023!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [0:30] Digital Dawn services & expertise 

  • [2:02] Wrap up of 2022 challenges in digital marketing

  • [4:17] 2023 eCommerce growth will be slower 

  • [4:55] 1 in every 5 retail sales will be made online in 2023

  • [7:43] How AI will play into digital marketing

  • [12:05] The role of mobile shopping in 2023

  • [18:37] Omnipresence is critical to the success of growth and scaling from an ecom perspective

  • [22:32] The importance of fulfillment and distribution 

  • [28:00] Data doesn’t lie

  • [30:10] What’s coming next for the eComm Profit Podcast

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