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79. Optimizing Word-of-Mouth Sales

Episode Summary

First guest of 2023! Dawn sat down with former software engineer and CEO of CloudSponge, Jay Gibb, to discuss how to optimize word-of-mouth sales. He is an expert at helping e-commerce stores build the right features to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase sales. Jay created CloudSponge to improve the performance of your E-Commerce site, referral programs, invitation forms, contact importing workflows, and sharing features. To top off the wealth of info in this episode, Jay also created a free downloadable resource exclusively for eComm Profitters! Check out the link in the show notes below to learn all about word-of-mouth sales!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:50] Jay’s journey from software engineer to SaaS developer

  • [5:10] Understanding the use case for eCommerce

  • [9:10] The ideal industry for CloudSponge

  • [14:10] How eComm business owners can maximize the data that is captured on CloudSponge

  • [17:50] The open rate increase using CloudSponge

  • [22:25] The future of CloudSponge and where it’s headed

  • [26:50] Unless the technology changes, stay within your niche

  • [28:21] Jay’s free resource for eComm Profitters!

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