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81. Growth is Always Uncomfortable

Episode Summary

We have a return guest this week! Inspired Living Expert, Whitney Freya, is back to discuss the synergy shift that is happening in business. She explores how to break down the elements of a process in order to turn it into a teachable program. Dawn and Whitney also share the benefits of their new program, Women’s Synergy Collective, that will take place in Greece in May 2023. As Whitney wisely mentions, growth is always uncomfortable. Make sure to check out this week’s episode to see how creative you can be when you’re out of your own element.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:40] Where Whitney started her journey as an Inspired Living Expert

  • [8:05] How there needs to be a synergy shift in business

  • [15:55] Breaking down the elements of a process or a program

  • [20:02] The new resume is energy

  • [27:15] How the Women’s Synergy Collective Program came to be

  • [36:11] When you’re out of your own element, you’re more creative

  • [41:58] Growth is always uncomfortable

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