Valuable transparency in being a young female entrepreneur

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82. Valuable Transparency in Being a Young Female Entrepreneur

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn meets with Founder of Roaring Angel, Reagan Allen. She is a full time college student by day and business owner and fashion designer by night. Dawn and Reagan discuss how Roaring Angel was born during the height of the pandemic and how it has grown to be the company it is today. Reagan also shares how important it is to ask for help in whatever capacity you need it when starting a business and how being transparent about her journey has proven to be so valuable to the integrity of her brand. Check out and use the Digital Dawn promo code below for 10% off your first order! 

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:45] Reagan’s journey as a college student by day and entrepreneur and business owner by night

  • [5:32] What sparked Reagan’s passion at such a young age

  • [6:38] Having people around you that support you is so big on this journey

  • [8:40] The story behind Roaring Angel

  • [10:49] Creating clothing that has a personal connection

  • [13:35] What Reagan would’ve done differently if she could start all over

  • [14:50] Ask for help in whatever capacity you need it

  • [19:35] Failing to meet deadlines

  • [22:45] How being young, female, and a new entrepreneur factors into the hurdles Reagan faced

  • [25:30] Being transparent has been very valuable in Reagan’s journey

  • [27:19] What the future holds for Roaring Angel

    Resources talked about in this episode

    • Visit the Roaring Angel website –
      • And use PROMO CODE – DIGITALDAWN10
    • Follow Reagan on social media – 
      • IG: @shoproaringangel
      • FB- @shoproaringangel
      • TikTok- @roaringangel

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