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83. Become Better, Not Bitter

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sat down with CEO of SimplyNoted and former NFL player, Rick Elmore to discuss the art of mastering patience as an entrepreneur. Rick shared how SimplyNoted has evolved over time and how he created the handwriting component that makes his brand stand out. Dawn and Rick shared their experiences with business competition and how it will only make your business better. As Rick stated, it’s important to become better, not bitter.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:15] Mastering patience as an entrepreneur

  • [3:00] It really takes ten years to become an overnight success

  • [5:58] You have to have a solid reason Why to you business 

  • [8:18] How SimplyNoted has evolved over time

  • [11:35] The ideal clients for SimplyNoted products

  • [13:09] How the handwriting component was created

  • [17:29] Competition is necessary for success in your business

  • [19:11] Become better, not bitter

  • [22:11] Future of SimplyNoted

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