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84. How AI is Changing the Face of Marketing

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn dives into all things AI. While there are various different types of AI tools available, Dawn explores the tools that will have an impact on content creation and marketing. From ethical concerns to ways it will accelerate the content creating process, Dawn discusses the issues she predicts could develop over time. Check out this week’s episode to see just how accurate and instant AI tools can be.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:20] AI tools that have come out so far

  • [5:34] AI note taking tools

  • [9:34] Ways to use AI for content creation and marketing

  • [11:55] Example of a ChatGPT response

  • [17:10] How AI will affect students in the school work

  • [20:24] Are we being ethical and creative if we are just using AI? 

  • [26:02] AI won’t replace humans, it will just make processes faster

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