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86. Learning from Feedback & Reviews

Episode Summary

This week Dawn meets with eComm fashion expert and entrepreneur, Kelly Garcia. They discuss the benefits of learning from customer feedback and reviews and how those interactions can help build a better product. Kelly shares her advice for early entrepreneurs and how progress is always better than perfection. Check out this week to learn what areas of business are important to invest in first as an eComm entrepreneur.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:45] Kelly’s journey to entrepreneurship 
  • [5:40] How MomperRomper came to be
  • [10:07] MomperRomper’s marketing approach that makes them stand out
  • [13:50] Learning from feedback and reviews
  • [15:20] Advice from Kelly for beginners
  • [17:57] Progress over perfection
  • [19:30] Key team members to invest in when you are first starting out
  • [25:20] Opportunities and barriers in the eComm fashion industry
  • [29:10] Going back to Pinterest
  • [30:15] Where MomperRomper is headed

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