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89. The Importance of Data Privacy in Marketing

Episode Summary

Last month Dawn took a trip, with Meta, to Washington DC to speak to our nation’s leaders about data privacy and the impact that it has on digital marketers as well as small business owners. She talks about how she explained, to government officials, the importance of using data when it comes to advertising for small businesses. Dawn worked with other advocates to push the conversation in a productive way. While the discussion of data privacy in marketing isn’t over, Dawn feels that she left her government officials with a better understanding of the benefits of data when it comes to marketing.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:06] Why is data privacy is so important to talk about in today’s world
  • [2:45] Meta’s grassroots approach to Congress
  • [4:15] The importance of data privacy
  • [6:10] What if we can’t use data in our marketing strategies
  • [9:02] Reframing the conversation around ads
  • [10:10] Privacy vs. personalization 
  • [11:29] Transparency and consent to the use of data
  • [16:28] What do privacy data regulations look like in your state
  • [17:06] Research your government officials’ stances on digital privacy

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