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92. Subscription Box to Every Season of Your Business

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sit’s down with Julie Ball, your Subscription Box Business Coach! Julie is the Founder of Sparkle Hustle Grow, an award winning multi-six figure subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. After six years and sending over 65,000 boxes, she sold the business in August 2022. Through her coaching programs, podcast and book, she has helped hundreds of aspiring subscription box business owners get their box idea off the ground. Julie and Dawn discuss the thought process behind selling a business and how to grow through every season life throws at you!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:55] All about Julie
  • [4:25] What is a subscription box
  • [5:00] Why did Julie choose subscription boxes
  • [9:51] How to know if the risk is worth it
  • [13:45] Pivoting to coaching
  • [16:45] What went into selling the subscription box business
  • [20:56] Who is the coaching business for
  • [22:43] Adding subscription boxes as an additional revenue stream for your business
  • [26:56] Are subscription boxes for any business
  • [29:42] Profitability of subscription boxes
  • [34:53] Where to find out more info

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