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93. Starting Brands and Selling Businesses

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sits down with a return guest, Ben Leonard to talk about starting brands and selling businesses. Ben is the classic millennial entrepreneur. He built a business on a laptop, in a cupboard, in his spare time. The difference? Ben grew an international 7-figure business and successfully exited after 3 years; the business holy grail.

Ben shares some of the highs and lows of starting brands and all the lessons learned in between. He shares the details about his company, Ecom Brokers, and hints at his newest business ventures. Ben tells us about his new book coming out in October and even has a special gift for our listeners.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:15] How Ben got into eComm
  • [5:15] Lessons learned in eComm
  • [7:45] The beauty in growing fast in business
  • [12:00] What Ben wishes he did differently in business
  • [14:36] why Ben didn’t expand into the United States
  • [17:00] Is selling a brand better than selling a product
  • [19:41] All about Ben’s book
  • [21:02] Why did Ben write this book
  • [22:31] Special gift to listeners
  • [23:40] What business is Ben working on now
  • [25:26] The one thing business owners need to do if they are thinking about selling their business
  • [28:19] Where to  find out more

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