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94. The Hack That Skyrockets eComm Sales in Minutes

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sits down with Matt Tallarico, co-founder of Inverge, a game-changing omnichannel retail management platform for eCommerce brands to increase their eComm sales.

No stranger to business ownership, Matthew has channeled his entrepreneurial spirit into cofounding a sustainability startup, a wholesale retail operation with 5 locations in Manhattan, an industry-leading practice management software, and a marketing automation agency for eComm brands. 

Matt and Dawn share insights into common pain points for eComm sales and their owners and how Inverge helps automate tedious tasks so you have more time to scale your brand and unlock more revenue. They discuss the hacks of the ever-evolving landscape of retail and the power of technology in shaping the future of commerce.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [4:45] What is Inverge
  • [9:30] What type of business is right for Inverge
  • [13:10] How fast does Inverge work for businesses 
  • [17:30] Common pain points that Inverge solves for businesses
  • [18:41] How Inverge helps with volume and expansion in channels
  • [22:00] Inverge is advancing the eComm world
  • [24:45] Other functions Inverge provides to businesses
  • [27:03] What businesses need Inverge 
  • [28:05] Advice for businesses wanting to expand channels
  • [30:09] Where to learn more about Inverge

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