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95. Drive Additional Revenue with Affiliate Marketing

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sits down with Lauren Lee, ClickBank’s eComm Expert! Lauren’s expertise lies in collaborating with eComm brands, empowering them to discover untapped sales channels through the magic of affiliate marketing. She firmly believes there’s always a solution to scaling brands, and she’s here to guide us in exceeding our goals and her key to drive additional revenue.

Navigating the realm of affiliate marketing can be intricate, and Lauren expertly guides us through the process. Learn how to determine if your business is prepared to embark on this exciting adventure. Gain invaluable insights into taking your first steps and understand the critical significance of finding the perfect affiliates to elevate and scale your brand to new heights.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:00] How Lauren got started in affiliate marketing
  • [3:15] What does affiliate marketing mean for eComm
  • [4:10] Who are affiliate marketers 
  • [7:40] Media Buyers vs. Media Buyer Affiliates
  • [9:03] How to know if your business is ready for affiliate marketing
  • [12:46] A look into the publishing side of affiliate marketing 
  • [16:35] Where business can look for publisher affiliates
  • [19:29] What Lauren says to anti-affiliate marketing
  • [21:19] Is affiliate marketing a scalable strategy 
  • [23:05] What is ClickBank 
  • [27:03] Where would a business owner start in affiliate marketing
  • [30:34] do’s and don’ts for businesses getting into affiliate marketing
  • [32:39] Where to learn more about ClickBank

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