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97. Positively Disrupting the Status Quo

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sits down with Lauren Lemunyan, Founder and CEO of Spitfire Coach, an adaptive leadership development firm. As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with over 3,000 certified hours, Lauren has successfully guided countless individuals and organizations toward transformative growth and success. Her ability to connect with clients on a deep level and inspire lasting change has earned her widespread acclaim.

Dawn and Lauren dig deep into the question of when a business is truly ready for coaching and the pivotal steps that follow. They explore the nuanced layers of imposter syndrome, a challenge many entrepreneurs face, and how to conquer it. Teaching you how to shift the narrative around being busy, they uncover the profound impact of setting and writing down goals, revealing the immense power in this simple yet transformative practice that you can do today to transform your business all while positively disrupting the status quo!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:33] Life changes lead to business transitions
  • [8:14] Becoming a coach
  • [11:13] How to determine if your business is ready for a coach
  • [14:03] Details to uncover in your business before taking the next steps
  • [16:13] Imposter Syndrom in business
  • [17:46] How to get into the action of problem solving 
  • [19:23] Shifting the mindset about being “busy”
  • [21:52] The power in writing down your goals
  • [23:47] When is coaching right for your business
  • [25:36] How does Spitfire help businesses and where to learn more

Resources talked about in this episode

Guest website – www.spitfirecoach.com www.spitfirecoach.com/merch  www.spitfirecoach.com/episode

Guest social media – @spitfirecoach on all platforms

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